Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou was established in order to better meet the international education needs of the children of overseas Chinese returnees in the greater Yangtze Delta region. With substantial support from the government of Suzhou Industrial Park, Chiway Education Group and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. (CSSD) have co-founded OCAC Suzhou to increase the attraction of Suzhou as a place to work and invest in for overseas Chinese returnees.

¥150,000 - ¥250,000 yearly
OCAC,Suzhou No 18,Zhaojia Xiang,Suzhou SIP,China
Apr 27, 2021
Homeroom/Pastoral: 1.       Attendance at Home room period at the beginning of each day. 2.       Maintaining attendance records on ManageBac. 3.       Identify and support students who demonstrate through their academic progress, development or well-being that they are in need of assistance. 4.       Pastoral care and PSPE learning outcomes delivery during homeroom periods. 5.       Ensuring UOI letters are sent to parents. 6.       Formative and summative assessment reports are shared periodically with parents. 7.       Completion of two semester reports per year. 8.       Preparation for unit assemblies and one unit exhibition per year.   Curriculum: 1.       Core curriculum delivery in the English or Chinese language of instruction. 2.       Meeting learning outcomes the core curriculum subject. 3.       Ensuring that assessment outcomes are used to plan lessons. 4.       Conducting vertical and horizontal curriculum planning. In particular,...