Ningbo Foreign Language School International Department

Our school was founded in 1991 and is an emerging school with three departments: junior high, senior high and international. We have 39 classes, with about 1600 students. Our school is a boarding school.

Our school has a beautiful campus, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces. This is also a travel and tourist resort, with green mountains and nice lakes, birds singing and flowers fragrance. Walking on the campus, every step has a different angle of view, which is an excellent place to study and learn. In 2016, our school is titled as “Beautiful Campus in Zhejiang Province”.

Our school is a specialized one, focusing on foreign language teaching and international education. We have English, German, Spanish and French as foreign languages, and there are more than 80 elective courses of 6 kinds in our school, among which 4 courses are elected as “excellent courses of Zhejiang Province”. There are a lot of students’ societies and clubs in the school, such as model UN, drama, rowing, golfing and so on. Students can choose based on their interest and strength. Annually, many students won the first prize in the competitions of each subject, including art, PE.

Our school possess high quality education. The students are strong in foreign languages, and well rounded in personal development. Many of our graduates studied in Peking University, Qinghua University, and some were admitted into Harvard, Yale, and Oxford as well as Chicago in the recent years. In 2017, our graduates also ranked 1st in College Freshmen Physical Fitness Test in Zhejiang Province”.

Our school is an international school. We have introduced AP courses from the United States. The international department receives visits from more than 100 admission officers from foreign universities annually. More than 70% of the graduates are enrolled in the top 50 universities and colleges in America.

Internationally, we have established a cooperative agreement with two universities and have over ten sister schools with frequent teachers and students exchange visits.