ShenZhen Academy of International Education

Shenzhen Academy of International Education (SAIE) is a college preparatory school located in Guangdong, the southern province of China. Current enrollment ranges from 6th to 12th grade. SAIE is focusing on educating and preparing Chinese students to attend colleges and universities abroad (primarily in the USA & Canada). SAIE is licensed by Chinese government to operate as a full-time private Day and Boarding school. Academically, SAIE has been approved by the Accrediting Commission for schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges of the United States, as a Candidate for Accreditation (grade 7 through 12). We have offered AP courses and SAT Subject Test-comparable courses in school year 2016-18. SAIE has taken steps to integrate American Common Core Curriculum and modern teaching ICT. SAIE grows from outstanding educational, academic and intellectual pedigree of China. Founders of SAIE includes founding members of Shenzhen College of International Education, widely recognized as the best international school for domestic Chinese students in China, as well as college professors and world-class researcher from Bell Laboratories, USA. In three years, SAIE has garnered multiple highly acclaimed international accolades: University of Waterloo International Math Competition from Canada, American International Public Policy Forum Essay/Debate Contest, American Scholastic Art and Writing Contest, and UK Young Writers contest. SAIE is a school approved by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges in Shenzhen.

¥22,000 - ¥26,000 monthly
ShenZhen Academy of International Education 13 Zhongxiang Road, NanshanDistrict, Shenzhen, China
Sep 07, 2020
Middle School High School
JOB DESCRIPTION Work Load: 45mins/period, 24 periods/week in Maximum, 20 periods/week in average for teachers. Working hours: Monday till Friday. Monday till Thursday AM: 8:00-11:55 PM: 1:05-4:35. On Friday PM 1:00 - 3:35 Salary: After tax: 22000-26000RMB (pay 12 months a year),。 Perks: Medical insurance and 7 days sick leave in a year with pay. Reimbursement: Health check and work VISA fee. JOB REQUIREMENTS 1st. University or above degree. 2nd. Nationality: Qualified for working VISA. 3rd. Two years subject teaching experience. Applicants who have teaching license preferred. 4th. Notarized diploma and background check by Chinese Embassy. 5th. Health check by the hospital appointed by entry-exit inspection and quarantine in Shenzhen. 6th. At least 2 reference Letters from the previous schools including the position, work duration, teaching performance, director's signature, school stamp, telephone number and email address.