Shanghai Vanke DTD Education Group


After 23 years of development and exploration, Vanke DTD Education has now covered Public Education, Private Education and Empowering Education, and has participated in teaching management with 15 schools and kindergartens, with a total of more than 4600 students, at capacity DTD will be able to provide educational services for nearly 10,000 students, covering children aged 2-18.

DTD Education shoulders social responsibility, promotes the development of education, inspires unlimited potential, and strives to become the preferred education service provider for K-12 customers.


Our schools are:

Private Education

Shanghai Fudan-Vanke Experimental Private School

Vanke Bilingual School

Vanke School, Pudong

Shanghai DTD Academy


Vanke Kindergarten, Minhang

Vanke Kindergarten, Pudong

Haishu DTD Kindergarten, Ningbo

DTD Kindergarten, Jing’an

DTD Kindergarten, Zhoupu

Community Childcare Center, Xinhong

Community Childcare Center, Hongqiao


Public Education

Vanke Experimental Primary School (Binjiang Campus)

Vanke Experimental Primary School (Zhangjiang Campus)

Vanke Experimental Kindergarten (Zhangjiang Campus)

Maqiao Fudan Vanke Experimental Middle School


Empowering Education

Shanghai DTD International Youth Club

Extracurricular Courses: Science and Technology, Sports, Art, Soft Skills

Special Courses: Rowing, STEAM

Campus: Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Weekend Camp