Avenues: The World School, Shenzhen Campus 爱文世界学校深圳校区

We are delighted to announce the planned expansion of Avenues Shenzhen, the newest campus of Avenues: The World School and its first in Asia. After launching in 2018 with a unique early childhood program, from fall 2021 we plan to offer primary and secondary programs, with a view to serving students from two to eighteen years of age.

Avenues Shenzhen opened in 2018, bringing Avenues’ popular early childhood program from New York City to China’s southern hub of innovation. The state-of-the-art Avenues Shenzhen campus is located in the leafy Tanglang neighborhood of Nanshan District. Avenues Shenzhen is led by a growing, world-class team of passionate and experienced educators, including faculty and administrators from Avenues New York.

Our curriculum is the product of seven years of research and development and represents an elegant integration of Avenues’ global curricular system with Chinese compulsory education for grades 1-9. Our unique high school program (planned to open in fall 2021) emphasizes discovery, innovation and long-term thinking to prepare students to succeed in a globally connected future.


我们高兴地宣布,爱文世界学校最新校区暨亚洲首个校区——爱文深圳将继续加深我们在深圳的足迹。继 2018 年幼教项目启动后,我们计划从 2021 年秋季开始增设小学和中学课程,为在中国的家庭提供全面的 2-18 岁一贯制教育。

2018 年,爱文深圳校区正式启动,将纽约校区极受欢迎的幼教项目带到了中国的创新之都。美丽的爱文深圳校园坐落于绿荫环绕的塘朗山脚下。领导爱文深圳的是一个优秀的教育团队,其中亦有来自爱文纽约的教师和管理者,他们充满激情、经验丰富,并有越来越多的志同道合者加入其中。

我们的课程是爱文研发团队历时七年的辛勤研究成果,它很好地整合了爱文的全球课程体系和中国的九年制义务教育。我们独一无二的高中项目(计划于 2021 年秋季启动)专注发现、创新和远见,旨在培养能在未来世界游刃有余的人才。