Malvern College Chengdu

Century-old Prestigious School Malvern College opened its second international campus in September 2015 in Chengdu. It is an international secondary school for Chinese nationals backed by Malvern College UK.

With the new campus in Xinjin County, Malvern College Chengdu will extend its education offering up to K12. The school, with both day and boarding options, can accommodate 1,200 students once the new campus is in full operation. Malvern College Chengdu’s new campus is lying in Xinjin, close to Mumashan area, next to a high-speed rail station and a metro station. The campus is surrounded by scenic hills and rivers, it is a prime location for an academic institution of high global calibre. With a planned area of 10 Hectares (150 Mu) and a total building area of 60,000 sqm, the college will offer secondary school, primary school and pre-school education.

The Tsinghua University Architectural Design Institute has incorporated the feedbacks from the UK and Hong Kong leading architects with the teaching philosophy and aims of Malvern College Chengdu to create a British-style “Forest Campus”. Incorporating both British architectural features and modern design concepts, the campus is equipped with many state-of-the-art facilities, including a heated swimming pool, a multi-purpose indoor sports hall, and a theatre. Both the teaching and dormitory buildings are equipped with central air-conditioning and fresh air systems, and the kindergarten utilises under-floor heating. The College’s unique lay-out of “1 axis, 2 belts and multiple clusters” ensures optimal utilization of the environment. The library is located at the end of the central landscape axis, while a free-flowing secondary landscape belt separates the campus into distinct “active” and “quiet” zones, which creates a natural, comfortable environment.


英国百年名校墨尔文学院授权, 于 2015 年 9 月在中国开设了她第二家海外学校——成都墨尔文学校,旨在为中学学生提供国际化教育。

随着新津校舍的落成,学校将提供从幼儿园,小学到中学直升的一贯制教育,为 1,200 名学生提供走读和寄宿两种就读模式。新校园位于新津,靠近牧马山社区,依山傍水;毗邻高铁站和地铁站,交通便利,是高质学府办学的最佳地点。新校园占地约 150 亩,总建筑面积约 6 万平米。