Shanghai QingPu PingHe Kindergarten 上海青浦平和幼儿园

  • No.16, Zhujiajiao Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai 上海市青浦区朱家角路16号

Shanghai QingPu PingHe Kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten based on the high-quality mergence of Chinese and western culture, aiming at providing high-quality education. It is invested by TIXUE education & technology Corp, and managed by Pinghe Education Group. With Independent Legal Qualification, the kindergarten is qualified to recruit children of school age ranging from 2-6 years old.

The kindergarten is located in Shanghai City, Qingpu District, Zhujiajiao Road, No.16, covering 9352.7 ㎡ in total with 2852 ㎡ green area. It perfectly merges into this eco-city zone surrounded by water in an active manner. We plan to set up 24 classes in the future but only 8 classes will be set temporarily.

In kindergarten, Local teachers and foreign teachers could immerse students into the environment where they can experience both Chinese and western culture and guide them with the up-to-date teaching method, making this facility a perfect eye-opener for children to explore the science, natural environment and aesthetics.

上海青浦平和幼儿园是一所扎根于中西融合文化的高品质双语幼儿园, 由平和教育集团管理。幼儿园具备独立法人资格。招收2-6岁的适龄幼儿。