The Affiliated High School of SCNU, International Department 华南师范大学附属中学国际部

  • Aoxiao Building, Huafu, No.1 Zhongshan Ave. West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. 广州市天河区中山大道西1号华南师大附中奥校楼

The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University, abbreviated as Huafu in Chinese, is located in Guangzhou, China. It was established in 1952 and is co-managed by the Ministry of Education of Guangdong Province and South China Normal University. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious and high-achieving high school in Guangdong province.

Huafu International Department (HFI) founded in 2004, accredited by the Education Department of Guangdong Province, operates as a comprehensive three-year high school. The International Department is staffed with over 50 professionals, with teachers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India and China, almost 70% of our teachers hold Masters degrees or higher. It is one of the most selective high school programs in South China, admitting only 10% of applicants annually.

Students at HFI take part in an extensive curriculum that is strictly college preparatory in nature. HFI’s curriculum is based on an American curriculum and supplemented by traditional Chinese courses, with high quality teaching, testing standards and procedures. All courses in HFI are delivered by professionally-credentialed teachers, the majority of whom are native-English-speakers. In grade 10 the students take both pre-AP courses and approved Chinese high school courses. Courses in Chinese are highly rigorous, with some like mathematics being more advanced than the AP Calculus course. In grades 11 and 12 students follow an intensive AP curriculum. English course, either Standard or AP Level, is required for all students each year. In order to expand course offerings beyond the AP curriculum, the school has added classes such as Drama, Philosophy, and Advanced Calculus, which is equivalent to a second year university calculus class.


HFI的国际课程教育始于2004年由华南师范大学附属中学与英国北方大学联合会联合开设的一年制IFY英澳预科(2004-2019)。2009年3月,在成功开设IFY英澳预科五年后,经美国大学理事会(College Board)授权批准,HFI开办了华南地区首个AP美式高中。AP学校代码:694293。

HFI的课程全部实施小班教学,AP课程全部由美国大学理事会授权和认可的,具备AP教学资质,拥有多年AP教学经验的中外籍专家担任教学任务。 其他国内高中课程的教学将由老中青老师相结合的国内高中教学团队:省特级、高级老师(物理、生物),具备AP教学资质的中方高中老师(化学),多年国内外双语教学经验的老师(数学),具备丰富各类海外考试培训经验的英语老师(SAT,托福等)担任教学任务,让学生在HFI同时享受国内优秀的高中教学。