Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley

U-Link College is a Chinese education group with 15 years’ history offering CAIE-authorised IGCSE and A-Level curricula in full English environment to Chinese national students, with campuses in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Wuhan. We are committed to excellence in educating each student into a Global Citizen, a Lifelong Learner and a Critical Thinker in a fast-changing world.

U-Link Wuhan campus is a young school opened in Aug. 2014. We are seeking teachers who are committed to making a difference in the growth of Chinese students who are bound for higher education at the best universities in the world. While instruction is focused on preparation for the International Cambridge Examinations, U-Link is developing professional practices of being student-focused, supporting students in their whole-person development, and preparing them for an international life style.

¥6,000 - ¥10,000 monthly
Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley Wuhan, Hubei, China
Sep 07, 2020
High School
1、按照英国剑桥大学IGCSE/A-Level教学大纲使用英语进行备课与教学,撰写教学计划与教案; 2、认真布置、批改作业,填写期中、期末学习报告单,根据教学需要安排测验并记录好测验成绩; 3、及时与家长沟通,并反馈学生在校情况; 4、做好学生管理工作,创建良好班风; 5、有针对性对学生进行辅导,及时答疑解惑; 6、能够承担班主任工作; 7、学校安排的其它工作。