Suzhou International Foundation School

At the beginning of 2004, with the support from various circles of society and the formal approval from Jiangsu Education Department, Suzhou International Foundation School was founded. This is a collaborated project by Suzhou Education International Exchange Association, Cogdel Education and Suzhou No.1 Middle School, and it is the first professional educational organization in Jiangsu Province which specializes in teaching NCUK International Foundation Course. The foundation of Suzhou International Foundation School marks the beginning of a new era in which Suzhou entered a new stage in the field of introducing high quality resources of international education and strengthening international cooperation and communication.

The western methodology of pre-university preparatory courses is what Suzhou International Foundation School offers. We provide full-time and small-class teaching methodology in a typical British teaching style with oversea experts who are specifically hired to manage and supervise the whole teaching process, with a purpose of providing high-quality university foundation courses to match the UK-based Foundation School Year.

In 2015, Suzhou International Foundation School will bring in the programm of Suzhou Foreign Teachers Classroom. This is our first time to cooperate with Suzhou Education Bureau in education. The progarmm gives the international course education for students in senior high schools, junior high schools and primary schools through bring in excellent foreign teachers. Those curriculums relate to science, arts and cultures fields. We will use the teaching model which is fit for Chinese students, that means, to use the easy English to teach the students related subjects. Therefore, the purpose of the subject is to improve the problem-solving abilities of Chinese students, the academic writing skills, critical thinking, innovative thinking and teamwork abilities.

In order to deepen the characteristics of international education, innovate curriculum teaching mode, promote the integration of Chinese and foreign disciplines and the diversification of talent  training mode, cultivate excellent talents with national feelings and international vision, lay a foundation for high-quality demonstration high school, and better carry forward the Chinese spirit and implement the national responsibility of the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue, in 2019, Suzhou No.1 High School of Jiangsu Province integrated the practical experience of Chinese centurial basic education with achievements of 15 years' international education exploration. Shengtao international curriculum program was set up. The program is based on the domestic high school basic education curriculum, integrates international high school curriculum (including AP, IFY and A-LEVEL curriculum), and establishes an international curriculum system so as to promote and integrate each other and meet the diversified needs of talent cultivation.

  Over the past 17 years, our school has cultivated more than 1000 outstanding graduates to go on their further studies in the first-class universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, and has always maintained three 100%, 100% graduation rate, 100% enrollment rate and 100% visa pass rate. Among them, 91% of the students have been admitted by the world's top 100 universities.

¥18,000 - ¥22,000 monthly
Suzhou International Foundation School Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Apr 09, 2021
High School
- Responsibilities : Execute teaching in accordance with overseas syllabi. Design lessons in line with syllabus. Apart from the appointed teaching material, enrich supporting teaching material for filing, amplify test banks. Create or enrich existing Schemes of Work. Make analysis of the past exam papers and guide students to prepare the exam, to ensure the overall passing rates. Give regular assignments to students, mark the assignments timely and provide feedback. Assess students on regular basis, keep main stakeholders regularly appraised of students’ progress. Manage and motivate students to learn and improve. Engage and control students during lessons. Assist Center Academic Principal with testing and marking, audit exam results and recording. Timely provide Center Academic Principal with students’ recent academic performance and behavior. Willingness to take on additional responsibilities and to learn and improve own teaching skills. Work...