小学包班教师(Homeroom Teacher)

  • 珠海华发教育发展有限公司
  • Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
  • Feb 01, 2021
Primary Academic/Coordination Academic/Curriculum Research Academic/Teaching Mgt. Education

Job Description

Recruitment quantity:

2 Chinese teachers; 2 Expat teachers

LocationZhuhai, Guangdong, China


(I) Curriculum and Teaching:

  1. Delivery lessons Integrating multiple resources/teaching materials based on national curriculum. Chinese teachers teach Chinese and mathematicsGrade 1, and expat teachers teach science and EnglishGrade 1. About 8-10 periods per week.
  2. Be able to design interdisciplinary unit of inquiry, 4 classes per week.
  3. According to the students' intelligent development differences, organize differential learning tutoring, 4 periods per week.
  4. Properly use information, computer and technology means to improve teaching efficiency.
  5. Regular give demonstration / open classes with a particular teaching practice.
  6. Participate project of social emotional learning, integrate SEL into the instruction, and create a supportive learning environment.
  7. Design and delivery classes explicitly supporting core competencies development by adopting innovation and progressive pedagogy.
  8. Organize assessments and prepare for the assessments according to the goal of the curriculum.
  9. Track the growth and progress of students and improve their comprehensive performance report.
  10. Research and develop bilingual fusion curriculum with academic team and other teachers.
  11. Develop subject courses and write unit plan together with teachers.

Act as the coordinator of a teaching practice project, such as competencies education coordinator, social emotional learning coordinator, etc. And responsible for the research and promotion of this educational practice project. (Optional)

 (II) Class management:

  1. Work in the classroom and manage the daily routine of the class with the co-teachers.
  2. Organize students to participate in physical activities between periods once a day.
  3. Organize young children to canteen and have lunch with them.
  4. Parents communication, answers parents' questions.
  5. Organize and attend parent conference.
  6. Develop students ‘s social emotion and character education.
  7. Cultivate students' character by guiding their daily behaviors.
  8. Undertake the safety work of students and create a safe learning environment.
  9. Create visible learning classroom environment and culture.
  10. Organize and participate in college activities.


(III) school contribution and personal growth:

  1. Participate in the school's admission activities, such as promotional events, design test paper and grading, presentation, interview, etc.
  2. Take part in various school activities of the school, such as the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, festival celebration, union activities, sports meeting, etc.
  3. Participate in Professional development organized by internal and external institutions.

 Take the English / Chinese language courses organized by the school.                               




  1. 依照国家课程为基础,融合多元教学材料。中方教师教授小学低段语文和数学,外方教师教授科学与英语。每周约8-10节课*
  2. 能够设计跨学科探究课程,每周4节课。
  3. 根据学生的个性差异,组织非授课个性化辅导,每周4节课。
  4. 恰当使用科技手段,提高教学效率。
  5. 定期开展示范课/公开课。
  6. 接受社交情绪学习培训,在教学过程中融入方法,营造支持性学习环境。
  7. 按照学校课程要求,采用具有创新和进步式教学法(innovation and progressive pedagogy)将核心素养要求融入到教学中。
  8. 根据课程团队要求组织学生参加测评和为测评准备。
  9. 跟踪学生成长与进步,完善学生综合成绩报告。
  10. 与教学团队及其他教师共同研究与开发双语融合课程。
  11. 与本学科教师一起开发学科课程,撰写教学单元计划(Unit Plan)。
  12. 担任某一教学实践项目的协调员,如素养教育协调员、社交情绪学习协调员等。并负责这一教育实践项目的研究与推广。(部分)



  1. 担任班主任工作,与搭班外教共同管理班级日常工作。
  2. 组织学生参加课间体育活动。
  3. 组织低龄段学生到餐厅进餐,陪餐。
  4. 家校沟通,日常解答家长对于教学课程的疑惑。
  5. 组织及参加家长会。
  6. 组织学生晨读、静默、暮省,进行SEL与品格教育。
  7. 通过引导学生日常行为,培养学生品格。
  8. 承担学生安全工作,创建安全的学习环境。
  9. 创建教室环境与文化。
  10. 组织并参与学院活动


  1. 参与学校招生活动,如出题、宣讲、面试等。
  2. 参加学校各项大型活动,开学典礼、散学礼、节日庆典、工会活动、运动会等。
  3. 校内与外部专业机构组织的专业发展课程。
  4. 学校内组织的员工英语/汉语学习课程。

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like

China, UK., US., Canada, Australia, Newzealand, South Africa, Europe

Specific Teaching/Career Certificates Required


  1. Bachelor's degree or above, relevant majors to education.
  2. At least 5 years teaching experience.
  3. Have the experience as homeroom teacher.
  4. Have the experience in teaching Interdisciplinary by using inquiry/project based learning method, PYP or IPC teaching experience is preferred.
  5. Chinese teachers should be proficient in English and be able to communicate with expat teachers. Expat teachers who can speak Chinese are preferred.
  6. Have research ability and participated in research projectOverseas study or working experience is preferred.

Other requirements:

  1. Enthusiasm for Education.
  2. Open, optimistic and creative
  3. Ability to inspire children and adults with an enthusiasm for learning.
  4. Strong desire in continuous personal and professional growth
  5. Strong ability to work with a diversity of individuals and groups
  6. Strong ability to establish and maintain constructive relationships
  7. Support our school’s share vision and common goals regarding English education



  1. 学士(含)以上学历,相关专业。
  2. 具有包班教学经验或班主任经验。
  3. 至少有5年工作经验。
  4. 有跨学科教学经验,PYPIPC教学经验者优先。
  5. 中教要求熟练掌握英语,能够使用英语与外教进行日常沟通。
  6. 有一定教学研究能力,参与过课题研究。
  7. 有留学或工作经验者优先。



  1. 对教育的热情。
  2. 开放、乐观、有创造力。激发儿童和成人学习热情的能力。
  3. 强烈的个人和职业发展欲望。
  4. 有很强的独立工作和团体合作能力。
  5. 建立和维持建设性关系的能力。
  6. 支持学校在教育育人方面的共同愿景和共同目标的实现。

Specific Benefts

  1. We would like to post your job on our website, but note that your school name will not be identified- only the details and location of the job. Please let me know if this is a problem, but note that if we cannot advertise your job it will severely impact our ability to fill it.

Yes, you can post our job on the website.


  1. Please outline the key elements of your recruitment criteria, noting which are required and which are desirable, in terms of curriculum background, experience, nationality, gender restrictions and ability to hire teachers with families.

Curriculum: We desire teachers have IB/IPC teaching background or other interdisciplinary/competency based curriculum by using /Project/inquiry based learning methodology.

Also wish the teachers had experience to develop students’ social emotional learning.

Nationality: Native English speaker from English speaking countries (because of visa restriction)

Gender: No gender restrictions

Family: we can hire teachers with families. Although our new campus is bilingual school, there are about 50% of classes will taught in Chinese and only has grade 1. Our other campuses are Chinese schools covering kindergarten to A-level high school (Dulwich International High School, Zhuhai). If the teachers are open to have their children to learn bilingually, we are happy to accommodate their children. And at least one child is tuition free expect A-level high school (Dulwich International High School, Zhuhai) .

  1. Some teaching areas are hard to come by even at the best of times when schools are recruiting early; how flexible are you in terms of nationality and curriculum background if we cannot find what you are looking for? We actively recruit from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US and South Africa. Are you flexible with these nationalities/curricula?

We are flexible about teachers ‘nationality. Oversea Chinese teachers are preferred. Those teachers can be either born abroad or having working experience abroad.

We are flexible about teachers ‘gender.

During teacher recruitment, we emphasize on teachers’ teaching philosophy, ability to adopt progressive pedagogy, and research ability. IB/IPC experience is preferred. Although there is a little flexibility, teachers’ experience in design and deliver interdisciplinary courses by using PBL/Inquiry based learning or other progressive methods is valued.


  1. Can you share a selection of pertinent school facts with us? Curriculum / Number of students and their  student nationality / class sizes / assistant support / classroom technology / SEN & ESL support / extra-curricular activities / CPD, and anything else you feel is relevant at this time

School facts:

School introduction. (I will prepare a separate document)

Quick facts: Huafa Education Group have 15 school entities covering from kindergarten (3-6), primary school(6-12), middle school (13-15), A-level high school(15-18);

Number of expat teachers: There are about 100 expat teachers working at our group in different campus/programs;

Number of students: about 7000, most of them are Chinese;


We are recruiting the teachers for our new school which will have 2 classes in 20/21 at our current campus, then officially open in Aug 2021. The teachers will be the pioneers of this new school and participate into curriculum development. At the new school:

-The majority will be Chinese students

-Expat teacher and Chinese teacher will be at ratio of 1:1.

-There are 25 students in each class and 2 Homeroom teachers (1 Chinese and 1 English)

-No teaching assistant. 2 homeroom teachers are equal. We encourage they can support each other. Chinese teacher is definitely not an assistant or translator.

-Big screen, internet access, computer in classroom.

-There will be ESL support to some students whose English are not good enough for normal classes.

-Teachers have opportunities to hold ECA. We offer various ECA to students.

-We will organize internal professional development and also sent teachers to attend IB reginal workshop.


  1. What kinds of personalities do best at your school? What are the key personal attributes that you look for?

As a new school, we need teachers have some certain characters:

Devotion; pioneer spirit; accountability; adaptability; flexibility;creativity


  1. Please supply your salary scale for this role and details of the accompanying employment package including details of the accommodation that the school provides. What is your contract length?

  Monthly Salary:20000-25000 12 months

  Housing:Studio or 3800RMB allowance that can rent 2 bedrooms apartment in nice neighborhood.

  Flight allowance: No more than 9000 per family member

  Child Education Allowance: 30000RMB per year



  Three Meals on working days

  1. To help us to familiarize ourselves with the school can you outline some of its unique features that will aid teacher attraction? Achievements / exam results / teacher feedback / special stories

 Yung Wing School is the best private school in Zhuhai. Working environment is attractive.

The school is brand new. All staff can contribute to the school on the aspects of curriculum, management, culture etc.

Huafa Education: http://en.zhhfedu.com/index.html


  1. More information about the location and expatriate information is always very handy if you have anything that you can share with us

 http://www.cityofzhuhai.com The introduction of Zhuhai

www.zhhfedu.com/ Website of Huafa Education

www.rhschool.cn Website of Yungwing School

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