Humanities teacher 人文老师

¥20,000 monthly
  • 北京市东城区中央音乐学院鼎石实验学校
  • 北京市东城区南河沿儿大街19号
  • Apr 12, 2021
High School Geography History

Job Description

1、Build curriculum of humanities and social science and perform daily teaching duties as required by school;

2、Demonstrate the ability to explore, teach and research, and be able to design and implement subject programsincluding historyand geography;design the syllabus byschool standards combining with current social problems, and show flexible teaching; cultivate students' ability of systematic learning, thinking and problem-solving.

3、Prepare and grade on students’ progressive, mid-term and final achievement; be able to plan and organize subject-related activities.




Contract Type


Optional Locations

Beijing City

Expected candidates from countries/areas like


Specific Teaching/Career Certificates Required



Common Benefits

Commercial Insurance, Free Meals

Specific Benefts

1、Embracementof school's teaching philosophy; demonstrate ambition, enthusiasm, innovationfor education and courage fornew things. 

2、The ability to learn, to construct knowledge system, and to remain approachable, and show love in teaching and students. 

3、In-depth knowledge of the teaching subjects, previous teaching  experience in international schools, and experience of using various teaching methods such as online teaching and flipped classroom.

4、Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years’ teaching experience in the same subject, and can teach in English.  





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