Assistant Principal

  • Concordia School Ningbo 宁波协和国际学校
  • No.1, Jicao Road, Yinzhou District, Zhejiang, China
  • Apr 12, 2021
Pre-school, Primary Leadership/School Principal

Job Description

  1. Manage the academic work leading to IB(PYP)accreditation within 3 years of operations.
  2. With the Principal, share responsibility for the management of the Kindergarten and elementary curriculum, ensuring the curriculum is challenging, inquiry-based, appropriate and engaging for our international student body and which prepares them for life.
  3. Ensure the achievement of excellent academic standards of the department, whereby each child can fully realize his/her potential.
  4. Assist the school principal with initial and ongoing Kindergarten Elementary teacher and staff recruitment and management; student recruitment and admissions; student and staff welfare; school budget management; marketing and communications public relations, etc.
  5. Promote and safeguard the welfare of students by working with Human Resources and the Principal.
  6. Ensure a consistent and continuous focus on Kindergarten and elementary pupil achievement and assessment and use appropriate data and benchmarks to set, monitor, track and evaluate individual student progress using school technology.
  7. Collaborate with Principal to establish and implement professional development, teacher trainings and appraisal strategies
  8. Working closely with the Principal of CISN, and the Principal of the Bilingual School as a member of the leadership team, to ensure consistency and alignment of policies.
  9. Demonstrate the highest standards of professional behavior and act as an ambassador for CISN both within the school and among the wider community.
  10. Act as IB reviewer and mentor to departmental faculty as part of the school’s performance management system.
  11. Identifying priorities and curriculum needs for to the Kindergarten and elementary School to include IB accreditation
  12. Working closely with the Principal and HR with regards to hiring of staff.
  13. Coordinate with Marketing Department to meet with prospective parents and conduct tours of the facility.
  14. Participate as a member of the faculty on school committees and professional association activities.
  15. Address and respond to student issues/emergencies as needed.
  16. Any other duties that are deemed necessary by the Principal as part of the job performance.

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like

UK., US., Canada, Australia, Newzealand, South Africa, Europe

Specific Teaching/Career Certificates Required

  • Qualified teaching certification (Elementary School)

  • Masters degree in education, and PhD in education preferred

  • At least 5 years teaching experience (Elementary)

  • Current or previous significant academic leadership experience in an outstanding Elementary School

  • A commitment to the principles of child-centered, inclusive education

  • Clear understanding of and support for the Mission of the school

  • Leading the use of technology to improve teaching and learning

  • Effective line management of other staff including managing and resolving conflict

  • Previous leadership experience in coaching and mentoring

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Think creatively to anticipate and solve problems

  • Develop effective teamwork and be able to contribute effectively to a range of teams

  • Work well under pressure, maintaining a sense of perspective

  • Ability to manage own time effectively

  • Reliability and integrity

  • Knowledge of current educational trends, curriculum developments and educational initiatives

  • A dedication to high standards

  • A belief in working in partnership and as part of an established team

  • Proven ability in the development of effective structures and systems

  • Significant experience of school budgeting