Director of Education

  • Full Circle Education Group
  • Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • May 13, 2021
Others Education Leadership/Head of Schools Leadership/School Principal

Job Description

The Director of Education (DoE) is a member of Full Circle’s senior leadership team and oversees the development of all educational programmes offered within Full Circle schools in China and the UK, with specific reference to the development and oversight of the St Bees family of school and the Fusion Programme – Full Circle’s unique dual-language program.  This post operates in an English-speaking, team-based environment.  


General Context

The Full Circle Education Group has head offices in Shenzhen – where the DoE will be based and Hong Kong.    Full Circle comprises a growing number of schools in China and the UK which share the same educational philosophy.

Led jointly by education professionals from Hong Kong, Britain and China, Full Circle also provides a comprehensive school management service – education management, strategic planning, operations management, human resources and finance.  As such, Full Circle provides schools in China and the UK with the advice, guidance and consultation services which allow them successfully to offer internationalised programmes.  It is Full Circle’s mission to provide its schools and partner schools with a ‘Fusion’ curriculum – hybrid programmes of study which integrate the best of the West with the best of the East.  



Full Circle’s Director of Education for China will lead the China-focussed school developments.  Presently there are two projects in development, both of which are based on the St Bees UK blueprint.


Strategic Direction and Development of the Schools

  • To work with members of the schools’ SLT to develop and implement the School Development Plan for each institution according to the parameters set by the School Board and the educational principles defined through the Headmaster of St Bees UK 
  • To consult fully and consistently with the Headmaster of St Bees UK regarding the synergistic partnership and joint working of the two schools, and actively ensure that SJZ and DG are compliant with the St Bees approach to learning
  • To meet the agreed staff and student recruitment targets for the schools 
  • To develop, with the SLT, a positive school ethos and provide educational vision and direction to secure effective teaching, successful learning and academic achievement and personal development of students
  • To articulate and implement the aims and objectives of each School, captured in the School Development Plans, taking into account the individual needs of each student
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the effectiveness of school policies in the light of the School Development Plans
  • To actively contribute to school design and facility development from an educational perspective
  • To promote and safeguard the welfare, health and safety of students and staff and that appropriate policies and procedures are put in place to meet this objective
  • To work with SLTs to ensure a consistent and efficient approach to resource planning
  • To build and maintain effective and professional relationships with each other and with other educational establishments and professional bodies
  • To oversee school accreditation and affiliation.
  • To author major promotional documentation for Full Circle and its schools.


Promoting and Marketing the Schools

  • To work with the Heads of Marketing and Admissions to market the Schools and their unique offer to China 
  • To promote the Principals’ profiles within their wider community


Human Resources

• The Director of Education:

  • line-manages the Principals of each school;
  • contributes to selecting, appointing, deploying, appraising and managing members of the senior leadership team.


Leading Learning and Teaching 

• The Director of Education:

  • guides school Principals in determining, organising and implementing the curriculum best able to meet the needs of each student;
  • promotes and develops the fusion curriculum components, with special emphasis on character development and fusion mathematics;
  • actively pursues curriculum integration between the English and Chinese National Curricula;
  • designs, oversees and monitors the provision for and uptake of co­curricular and extracurricular activities;
  • oversees the monitoring of effective learning and teaching throughout  the School and evaluates achievement in all academic areas;
  • drives the creation, maintainance and monitoring of an appropriate system of pastoral care to ensure each student is supported in such a way as to achieve their full potential.


Professional Development and Managing the School 

• The Director of Education:

  • helps the School Boards to defines the budgetary parameters within which each school should operate;
  • defines the overall staffing structure needed to implement each School’s academic and 
    pastoral aims;
  • guides the recruitment and deployment of high quality teachers and support staff as required;
  • liaises with the Finance Director of each school on budgeting and accounting;
  • ensures a safe, productive, disciplined and professional environment;
  • implements training and professional development programmes for Principals;
  • implements an effective appraisal system for senior leaders;
  • promotes an internal organisation that permits effective communication;
  • initiates improvement plans and policies for the development of the School and its facilities;
  • builds and implements organisational structures and systems which delegate responsibilities to enable the School to run efficiently and effectively on a day-­to-­day basis;


Relations with Parents

• The Director of Education:

  • promotes and monitors open and transparent relations with parents, ensuring they receive regular communication regarding their child and the School;
  • ensures an environment of interaction with parents through Parent Consultations, key school events and electronic communication.


Job Description:  outcomes 

  • effective leadership for the setting up and running of schools through efficient strategic development planning;
  • the management environment at Full Circle is characterized by positive, respectful and productive interpersonal relations;
  • Full Circle schools operate a Fusion curriculum which follows the St Bees educational approach with due deference to the protocols in operation at any given time;
  • where the Fusion Programme is not operational (e.g. post-16 programmes of study) the curriculum is appropriate and fit for purpose;
  • there is appropriate oversight of the work of the school Principals;
  • approaches to learning and teaching between the UK and Chinese curricula are harmonised, and teacher training requirements to meet such objectives are met;
  • the production of documentation, to include detailed PoSs and SoWs, for the full range of programmes is in place;
  • framework structures for building components for children’s character development into the curriculum are in place, exploiting every opportunity for delivering a rounded, holistic education; 
  • ways of measuring student progress in the development of character attributes and of reporting such progress to parents are devised and in operation;
  • budgets for the provision of appropriate classroom resources, to include textbooks, e-versions and library reference works are well managed;
  • student assessment programmes are produced and/or administered;
  • staffing requirements are accurately identified and quality staff are recruited to fill all positions;
  • interior design of new schools is appropriately meshed with approaches to learning;
  • the Director of Education operates in positive collaboration with the Headmaster of St Bees UK in order to ensure the successful delivery of the St Bees approach to schools within China.

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like


Specific Teaching/Career Certificates Required

Qualifications and Knowledge

• Good degree or equivalent qualification

• Qualified teacher status

• Evidence of Continuing Professional Development

• Thorough understanding of current educational and legal issues

• Thorough understanding of current best practice in education both in the UK and in China, where possible

• A proven track-record of dealing with school start-ups and the issues which pertain.


Skills and Experience

• Successful leadership at senior level

• Experience of successful delivery against an agreed strategic plan

• Knowledge and understanding of international education systems and markets

• Successful management of change

• Experience in effective performance management

• Sound knowledge of effective financial management and planning

• High level of IT literacy

• Ability to analyse data, develop strategic plans, set targets and monitor progress

• Awareness of the role of PR and marketing

• Understanding of UK and Chinese teaching and learning methods

• Understanding of the characteristics of an effective learning environment

• Understanding of local and national trends affecting bilingual schools


The successful applicant will be someone who can prove a track-record for promoting the effective development of schools in China, with all the implications this brings with it.

The successful applicant for this post will be required to undergo a number of training and acclimatisation sessions in the UK.  Procedures for full DBS procedures will be undertaken.

Specific Benefts


The salary range will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. This may include a KPI component.


The school offers assistance to locate a suitable flat.

Medical cover    

Private medical cover for the Principal will be arranged once the schools are up and running.  Until that time, the school undertakes to cover any medical costs incurred, and the conditions relating to this phase will be handled separately.   The candidate is asked to arrange independent cover for dependents.


Full Circle will provide a working visa.

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