LEAP Teacher

  • Daystar Academy
  • Beijing, China
  • Apr 09, 2021
Middle School, High School ESL Literacy

Job Description

General Responsibilities:

• Demonstrate research-based theoretical and practical knowledge of best practices in English language development

• Facilitate the admissions and exiting of students into the Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP) program (i.e., identification, eligibility, implementation, and evaluation)

• Use multiple sources of data to identify foundational language strengths and weaknesses

• Develop interventions that align identified areas of need with appropriate researchbased high impact strategies and resources with the goal of improving students’ skills to gradelevel standards

• Develop academic vocabulary for identified students to support learning across languages and disciplines

• Use data to set intervention goals, monitor progress in meeting those goals, and adjust interventions as needed; maintain associated documentation for all of the above

• Provide/communicate data and evidence about student progress to stakeholders and participate in decisions about student progress

• Identify appropriate curricular resources to support students’ foundational language development and improve reading proficiency

• Differentiate assessments by language proficiency levels

• Set and maintain high expectations for all students regardless of language proficiency

• Engage in reflective practice and professional development aimed at improving practice

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like

China, UK., US., Canada, Australia, Newzealand

Common Benefits

Annual Paid Leaves, Annual Physical Examination, Commercial Insurance, Free Meals, Professional Trainings

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