Curriculum Coordinator (STEAM-focused)

  • Shanghai Hong Qiao International School
  • Shanghai, China
  • May 13, 2021
Primary Curriculum Management STEM

Job Description

Reports to: Curriculum Director
Position Summary:
Teachers within Shanghai Hongqiao International School are recognized, along with students, as the schools most valuable resource. Faculty members are recruited and offered employment based upon prior exemplary teaching performance. Teachers must be fully credentialed / certified for their respective assignments and must maintain both teaching excellence and credentials throughout employment. Typically, to be offered employment, faculty members must indicate a willingness to commit to two years of excellent service to our students.
To successfully improve student learning of the English Language through observations, co-teaching, conferencing, research, and reflective practice, both in classrooms and library; to empower teachers to recognize their instructional knowledge and strengths and support them in their learning and application of new knowledge and instructional practices.
Academic Matters
- Support Curriculum Director with the development, documentation, and implementation of the school's Programme of Inquiry, Scopes and Sequences, Curriculum Map, STEAM program and other strategic plans as assigned
- Collaborate with the Curriculum Director to support Teachers, Single-Subject Teachers, and Student Services to develop and implement the program that align with school’s mission, vision and values
- Coordinate with Curriculum Director to update curriculum materials in accordance with standards, maintain a record of completed planners,
- Assist the Administrative Team in identifying resource needs/Organize resources as demanded and establish an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient management, ensure that copies of IB PYP publications and other key curriculum resources are available to all staff
- Be knowledgeable and share about quality assessment and instruction; support assessments and help teachers learn to administer them, interpret data, analyze data and design instruction based on data
- Collect authentic data, observe and record age appropriate student assessments, and utilize assessment results in a prescriptive, constructive manner to promote student learning
- Ensure that essential agreements are formulated for assessment and for all areas of learning, utilize assessment data to deliver appropriate instruction to each student
- Lead groups in examination of student work to determine strengths and weaknesses, facilitate teachers in their understanding of students’ individual needs and help them differentiate instruction, assist in student intervention efforts
- Support teachers and students in preparing for the PYP Exhibition and transition programs
- Provide professional development to faculty, and facilitate weekly grade level meetings
- Collaborate with school leadership in creating schedules, student class assignments, student portfolios and exhibitions, student assessment, teacher assignments, and classroom locations.
- Coordinate and manage the proofreading of progress reports in conjunction with the Curriculum Director
- Contribute to the facilitation of the Student Council, Student houses, and other student development activities
- Participate in PYP Exhibition process to reach the highest standard
- Participate in PYP self-study preparation
- Participate in school events and school sponsored events & activities
- Participate in the after-school activities program
- Perform additional duties as assigned by the school leadership

Community Stakeholders
Facilitate constructive working relationships with:
- Parents
- Work cooperatively with parents to create strong partnerships and meet the needs of students promote the philosophy and goals of the school
- Conference with parent, teacher, and/or students regarding behavior or academic concerns
- Coordinating bi-annual parent-teacher-student conferences
- Supporting meetings and marketing events to convert prospective families to enrolled families
- Academic, administrative, and support personnel
- Involve all teachers at all levels of knowledge and experience in collaborative dialogue to provide each
student with day-to-day instructional excellence
- Provide professional development to faculty, and facilitate weekly grade level meetings
- Community and government agencies
- Ensure open communication by:
- Attending weekly staff meetings, scheduled parent meetings, and community forums
- Co-facilitating meetings with team leaders and school department heads
- Contributing to newsletters to parents
- Providing ongoing email communication
Qualifications: Knowledge
• Demonstrated knowledge of curriculum and the needs of students
• Demonstrated knowledge of STEAM instruction, particularly early childhood and elementary levels
• Demonstrated leadership skills
• Understand and demonstrate how to work collaboratively within a team structure and how to
• Impact the success of the team as an individual member
• Able to skillfully use an inquiry-based approach, such as Project-Based Learning, or other approaches to
integrated teaching across curriculum areas
• Demonstrate knowledge and experience in supporting students’ social and emotional growth inside and
outside the classroom, using non-punitive approaches that ensure the respect and dignity of each student
• Experience working with learning management systems such as ManageBac
• Demonstrate the ability to be a reflective practitioner, to give, and to receive feedback
• Articulate the importance of growth mindset and how to develop it in students
• Adequate knowledge and experience in applying technologies into teaching and learning


Therefore, this position description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications, and job scope, but not limit the employee nor HQIS to only the work identified. It is the expectation of the school that each employee will offer his/her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our organization.

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like

UK., US.

Specific Teaching/Career Certificates Required

• At least four years teaching experience in a constructivist style framework that supports the best practices as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to achieve milestones articulated in the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment program. Experience in IB program and American Common Core preferred.
• STEAM Coaching experience preferred

• Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Education
• Teaching certification from an accredited institution
• STEAM Coach or Reading Specialist degree preferred

Specific Benefts

- Month salary: negotiable.
- Collaboration with top U.S. school faculty members directly; Opportunities for PD training in America, England,
Hongkong and other countries.
- Performance-based bonus.
- Housing allowance and other benefits.
- Seven sick days per whole academic year (191 working days). - Free Lunch and snacks.

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