Head of Middle School Department

  • 北京新府学外国语学校
  • Beijing, China
  • Jun 04, 2021
Middle School Leadership/School Principal

Job Description

Job Goal / Purpose:

To be responsible for the administration and educational leadership of the Secondary section of XFA.



Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • Master degree or higher in EducationAdministration/Leadership
  • Master degree or higher inTeaching/Education
  • Minimum three years experience in education administration
  • Minimum five years experience in Secondaryteaching
  • Excellent human relationshipskills
  • Deep understanding of Chinese and Westernculture
  • Demonstrated ability to plan andimplement



Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Administration
    • To be a responsible member of the School Management Team by providing for the effective day-to-day management of the Secondarysection
    • To oversee student admission in consultation with the ExecutivePrincipals
    • To oversee student placement in association with the School AcademicCounselor
    • To oversee daily operational matters such as student records, facilities management, effective supervision of the student,
    • To be responsible for the deployment of teachers and the assignment of their responsibilities, in consultation with the ExecutivePrincipal
    • To work to further strengthen the relationships and cooperation between the school andparents
    • To identify and cultivate leadership among staff

  • To liaise with the Executive Principals to ensure that the school is in compliance with all statutory and regulatory matters promulgated by the Beijing EducationCommission
  • To lead regular staffmeetings
  • To support the development and implementation of the EducationalProgram
  • To contribute to its department and whole school strategic planning andimplementation



2) Academic

  • To coordinate its department curriculum planning, development, and implementation in coordination with the Executive Principal, Director of Development, and Heads ofFaculties/Departments
  • To be incharge of some subjectteaching
  • To coordinate on-going curriculum mapping, development, andevaluation
  • To oversee delivery of its department curriculum, instructional, and assessmentplans
  • To oversee disciplinary matters involving students which originate in or out of school, and liaise with Executive Principal asnecessary
  • To monitor staff performance and curriculum delivery, in association with the ExecutivePrincipal
  • To monitor student progress through the Academicstaff
  • To plan for its department staff ProfessionalDevelopment



3) General

  • To develop, maintain, and reinforce the highest standard of staff performance andprofessionalism
  • To promote respect, courtesy, and teamwork among students andstaff
  • To liaise with members of the School Leadership Board and the Executive Staff on a regular basis to ensure cohesion, good working relationships, and a positive, unified corporateoutlook
  • To support all areas and aspects of promotion and student recruitment in close consultation with the Director ofDevelopment
  • To develop and maintain positive, cooperative, and beneficial relationships with parents of current and prospective students, alumni, other schools, vendors, and other stakeholders in the local community
  • To oversee the review and maintenance of the Student, Teacher, Staff, and Dormitory Handbooks, and make recommendations to the Executive Principals related to policyconsiderations
  • To create and maintain systems to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of staff and students within the its departmentfacilities


Salary and Benefit: 400K-460K/year before tax Waiver of up to two children’stuition fees Annual flight allowance

Professional development opportunities National Health care Insurance

Free meals in school canteen during workdays(Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner)

Contract Type


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