Primary Homeroom Teacher

  • Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai
  • Shanghai, China
  • Jan 21, 2021
Primary   ESL Homeroom Literacy Mathematics Science

Job Description

Job Purpose: To ensure the well-being and growth of children in Primary School Homeroom setting


Key Responsibilities:

Engagement and Interaction – School Ambassador to Internal Community

  • Supporting the development of international-mindedness and all NACIS learner attributes within the curriculum;
  • Fostering a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect;
  • Demonstrating open communication based on understanding and respect;
  • Meeting and greeting each student on arrival each morning and or lesson ensuring safety, assessing pupils at the door, monitoring their wellbeing;
  • Observing and assisting the management of students at lunch time/canteen and each child to sit and to eat correctly;
  • Ensuring students are taken immediately to school nurse in the event of an injury or medical concern;
  • Ensuring strong healthy working environment is maintained between adults and students;
  • Establishing polite and cordial relations with all parents and family delivering students to school;
  • Developing and maintaining clear lines of communication with colleagues, parents and the wider school community;
  • Communicating curriculum information with parents;
  • Updating and maintaining records using ISAMS electronic system;
  • Publishing written records and portfolios documents on – evidence of students work showing developmental trajectory;
  • Using professional email etiquette when communicating with colleagues, parents and administrators;
  • Communicating with parents via Face-to-Face meetings and Parent Teacher Meetings.

Learning and Teaching

  • Teaching the curriculum meeting the IPC standards;
  • Differentiating classroom instruction to meet student’s individual learning needs and styles;
  • Teaching explicitly on-going and inter/trans-disciplinary skills;
  • Employing a constructivist, inquiry-based pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that promotes inquiry and the development of critical-thinking skills;
  • Providing learning experiences that build on what students know and can do;
  • Using technology as a vehicle for learning and integrating ICT skills teaching where possible;
  • Employing a range of teaching and learning strategies to promote independent thinking, inquiry and acquisition of subject specific knowledge and skills;
  • Promoting and fostering student reflection on learning experiences;
  • Employing a range of grouping and regrouping of students for a variety of learning purposes;
  • Empowering students to take self-initiated action because of the learning;
  • Managing class resources – furniture, equipment;
  • Updating notice boards to expose teaching and learning both inside and outside notice boards;
  • Ensuring to meet the curriculum classroom visualization standards;
  • Delivering stimulated and motivated classroom environment;
  • Delivering efficient and qualitative open class lessons to parents and visitors;
  • Delivering weekly ECA, Boarding lessons where appropriate;
  • Ensuring safe classroom management, delivery and removal of heavy-duty objects ensuring the utmost safety to students always;
  • Arranging classroom outings related to teaching and learning ensuring utmost safety is met and all communication with management is in writing before departure;
  • Where appropriate, teaching English Literacy – Reading, writing, phonics using curriculum standards and procedures in all learning areas;
  • Where appropriate managing and directing the Teaching Assistant;
  • Where appropriate, teaching assigned subject area using curriculum standards and procedures in all learning areas;
  • Assessing and documenting student progress using a variety of assessment tools and strategies;
  • Complete student reports;
  • Managing and maintaining student portfolios;
  • Pre-assessing students’ knowledge and understanding prior to new learning;
  • Use student self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment strategies to promote student reflection.

Planning and Preparation

  • Planning and reviewing the curriculum meeting the IPC standards;
  • Working as a team planning lessons, directing the way forward;
  • Collaboratively developing and following a Grade Level Essential Agreement;
  • Attending and contributing to weekly collaborative planning meetings;
  • Working collaboratively with Grade Level Team, Specialists and Coordinators to develop and document teaching and learning experiences using the planners and relevant curriculum documents;
  • Documenting minutes of collaborative planning meetings and work cooperatively to complete tasks within Grade Level Team;
  • Supporting as needed in preparation for assemblies;
  • Supporting as needed in preparation of events (sports, arts, celebrations, etc).



Skills Knowledge and Experience

  • Teaching Certificate in relevant subject area and school level
  • Bachelor Degree or Above
  • Three or more years’ international education experience
  • Native English Speaker


Personal Attributes

  • High levels of personal integrity
  • Conscientious and able to focus on completing work to a consistently high standard
  • Flexible and positive approach to work
  • Excellent organisational and time-management skills; high attention to detail
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and able to prompt others to ensure deadlines are achieved
  • Adaptable to working in a fast paced ever changing environment
  • Ability to work under pressure and remain calm
  • Proactive and willingness to take on multiple tasks
  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic
  • Ability to work independently
  • Must be a team player, willing to help and be flexible
  • Continually strive for improvement

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like

UK.,   US.,   Australia  

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