College Counselor

  • Shanghai Hong Qiao International School
  • Shanghai, China
  • Jan 21, 2021
Middle School,   High School   Academic/Counseling

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities of the College Counselor include but are not restricted to:
• Preparing long-term and short-term plans for a college/career and guidance program
• Providing one-on-one college counseling to students and parents in individual and group meetings
• Educating students and parents in Grades 9-12 about colleges, the admission process, trends, procedures, and testing
• Assisting students with the Common Application and other applications
• Providing support to students in writing college essays
• Writing beautiful recommendation letters for students in the application process as well as younger students applying for summer programs
• Organizing and leading the Application Review program
• Facilitating the financial aid process for students and families
• Meeting with college representatives visiting and facilitating meetings between college representatives and students. Developing relationships and serving as liaison with college admissions officers
• Utilizing relevant technology platforms
• Tracking college admissions decisions, financial aid packages, and other statistics and creating timely reports of each
• Assisting with standardized testing and planning for standardized testing
• Presenting at meetings of each high school grade
• Pursuing professional development by visiting colleges, attending conferences, and participating in local groups.
• Other duties as assigned or necessary

Knowledge Requirements
• Demonstrates a solid knowledge of admissions criteria for the various university systems
• Experience with the university application process for schools in North America, the U.K. and continental Europe
• Understands the need for a multi-year approach to preparing students for the university application process and life after high school
• Understanding of the typical (and atypical) challenges with which students present in high school
• Knows how to work with students and families to manage mental health/socio-emotional problems as they arise Personal Attributes
• Illustrates strong organizational and time-management skills
• Demonstrates initiative, flexibility, and a positive attitude
• High Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Establishes cooperative and collaborative working relationships with staff, students, and parents because of strong communication and empathy skills
• Communicates highly effectively in English, both in written and oral form
• Accepts and manages change effectively
• Collaborates effectively to nurture student growth
• Openly accepts and considers different perspectives
• Contributes to a positive school climate
• Contributes constructively to the AISB community through participation in co-curricular programs or activities
• Plans and delivers an effective school counseling program, and seeks continuous improvement
• Exemplifies commitment to Professional Learning Community principles

Qualifications & Experience
• A Bachelor’s degree is required; a Master’s is preferred
• A minimum of 3-5 years of college counseling in a private or independent school or college
admissions at a selective institution
• The ability to successfully interact with a diverse student population in the context of an international community
• Outstanding written interpersonal, oral, and communication skills
• The ability to work as a team member with a willingness to collaborate in any way that is deemed necessary
• A genuine desire to work with teenagers and a high level of patience
• Knowledge of colleges, academic programs, and admissions policies
• Ability to work with students with learning differences
• Familiarity with IB Diploma requirements, knowledge of UCAS, Canadian applications, and other international application processes would be highly valued

Contract Type


Expected candidates from countries/areas like

UK.,   US.,   Australia  

Specific Benefts

Salary & Benefits
• Month salary: negotiable.
• Collaboration with top U.S. school faculty members directly; Opportunities for PD training in
America, England, Hongkong and other countries.
• Performance-based bonus.
• Housing allowance and other benefits.
• Seven sick days per whole academic year (191 working days).
• Free Lunch and snacks.

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